Quotes added on Friday, December 21 2007

ill marry u rightt [[noww]]]
even if he have to use a [[ringpop]]
ill love u untill the day we die
u r the cheese to my maceroniii
they say that fate controls who comes into ur life but u control who goes out
and i disagree with half of that because what if he walks out and u cant control it no matter how hard u try and try he just leaves u there ... he just walks out and u wish u knew what to do but the truth is [[[theres nothing u can do]]] if he relieses what a great person u r then he'll come backk but for now hes gone and u cant control it [[[its not ur fault]]][[[its his]]]
Save water,
Shower with me (:
if i couls pick one [[moment]]... and always keep it .. [[new]]..of all the moments in my life id pick the moment i fell in love with you.
she crys herself to sleep with one thing on her mind "what did i do wrong"
He is like a stone. Looks tough but really if you throw him in any way. He wil snap.
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