Quotes added on Thursday, December 27 2007

don't worry honey,
you'll make it through
and if you don't;
i'll be right there with you :]
you've got magic inside your fingertips,
it's leaking out all over my skin,
& everytime that i get close to you; you're
making me weak with the way you look through those eyes, & all i see is your face, & all i need is your touch, wake me up with your lips, come at me from up above..

oh, i need you <3
Nothing's ever what it seems
In your life or in your dreams
don't make sense, what can you do
So I won't try makin' sense of you
never give up on love
love has different meanings
it can be something that gives a little pleasure
something that you would die for
or what we all want the intense feeling of affection towards the one you love <3
if you love someone go for it
if you want to be crazy dare to be
live life to the fulliest and don't hold back
live your life the way you want not the way others want your life to be. your in charge.
best friends;
a person that will always love you
no matter how retarded you act :]
i'm not with stupid anymore
we broke up
the game of love;
1. fun to play
2. hard to win
3. easy to screw up
4. anyone can play
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