Quotes added on Monday, December 31 2007

black font.
white pages.
letter to letter.
word to word.
as i lay here in my room.
i read the truth.
the truth of you & her.
rolling down the hill of break up again.
saying you love her so.
but really wanting to eat some cookie dough.
you think you're a hot shot.
but really you're just a dot.
thinking no one cares about you.
but you gotta understand someone else's pont of veiw.
please boy understand how she feels.
you just gotta deal.
deal with the choices you made.
things you do just cut her like blade.
a blade right to her heart.
try to be more smart.
by doing these things you hurt girls so much.
thinking that you got the perfect touch.
do you know how she feels about you.
no you dont you just left her and far away she blew.
good luck with that.
call me if you wanna chat.
but not about you and her.
just to let drama spur.
its your life not mine.
just show me a sign.
that you learned you lesson.
Because sometimes you have to
step outside the person you've been and
remember the person you were meant to be.
The person you wanted to be. The person you are.
--One Tree Hill
She's finally accepted the changes.
& realizing nothing can be the same anymore.
But she's keeing her strength up,
& she's willing to try her best to never look back.
when the sun shines
we'll shine together
told you I'd be here forever
>> Umbrella, Rihanna<<
one night and one more time
thanks for the memories
even though they weren't so great
[fall out boy]
i am me. thats all i can be.
no more. no less. don't 2nd guess
i l a u g h . i < 3. i l i v e. i c r y.
&. sometimes i wish that i would die.
somedays i'm funny. others i'm not.
sometimes i'm in overdrive & i can't stop.
you may not like me. thats okay.
cause this is me & how i'll always stay.
i was born a sweet little innocent
baby - but these girls helped me
grow up - - » w i l d n`' c r a z y
here i go, scream my lungs out,
and try to get to you, you are my
only, my only one <3<3
"Me, I'm dishonest, & a dishonest man
you can always trust to be dishonest, honestly,
it's the honest one's you want to watch out for,
you can never predict when their going to do something incredibly stupid"
-Pirate of the Caribbean
And right there for a minute
I forgot that you don't love me anymore.
-Tim McGraw
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