Quotes added on Monday, January 7 2008

&&its hard knowing
you're happy without me
&&i never thought one person
could have so much of an effect
on another person's life
but you have
for two years
you have sent me on
an emotional rollarcoaster
and most of the time
the ride was down
seeing the world is as good as picturing it. But as you travel you start to picture it differently. So it really isnt as good as picturing it if you see the world and it changes what you already pictured. So there really is no use of picturing it when you dont get the right idea as wen you see it. This is what i call contradictory
So wake up, and let go
Of these feelings that I've had for you
It's easier said than done
So give up, and let go
Of these feelings that I've had for you
Why couldn't you be one?
-sincerely yours--hit the lights
I wish I had the nerve to tell you that I'm a wreck
But what really did you expect
You never listened to what I said to you
What will it take to make you
Understand that I...
I'm not lying when I say I need you
There's nothing left to say
I've wasted all this time on you
If you think g i r l s a re complicated ;
you must not know too many b o y s.
&If he's d u m b enough to walk away
you better be s|m|a|r|t enough to let him go.
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