Quotes added on Thursday, January 10 2008

friendship is like a condom
it can easily break
you you always have protection.
softball my
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the
>moments that take our breath a w a y.
you were everything to me
you were my other half
if i was half of a pizza
you would be the other half of the pizza
and our pizza would be delicious
we had everything
pepperoni, anchovies, broccoli, and even onions
when i lost you
it felt as if someone had eaten all eight pieces
whenever i saw a pizza box
you came to mind
all the pepperoni, anchovies, broccoli, and onions
you are the delivery boy to my heart
please come back to me

when you read this poem
i want you to say to yourself
mhmmmmm that pizza was yummy ; ]
maybe i should order some more

*this is for my ex we met working at papa johns*
i love him<3
Sorry sweetie but its too late cuz iv
-------------------->MOVED ON
if cheerleading were any easier...
it'd be called football.
other athletes lift weights,
cheerleaders lift athletes
The truth is ;;
I've been in love
& My heart's been broken
But in the end, it's all worth it ♥
Don't wanna quite, I never hurt like this
You said you'd love me, but you'd never commit
Maybe this is it, Why do I feel like this
Maybe I got everything I deserve ♥
Someday baby, you & I are gonna be the ones
So hold on, we're heading for a better life
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