Quotes added on Thursday, January 10 2008

So sacrifice your self
& Let me have whats left
I know that i can fight
The fire in your eyes
And this is do difficult for the both of us
I know we tried so hard there's just no hope for us
Well it's more than a shame that we lost to his game
All my walking, talking, sleeping, breathing;
Nothing will ever be the same ♥
Be strong now cause
things (will) get
better it might be
stormy now but it
cant rain forever
Trust me
I know its wrong but
[It feels so right]
Life takes turns when you dont want it to
take turns, and thats just a part of life, its just
something that we have to accept, knowing
that tommorow, is not promised
-- Nehemiah; The Real World Austin --
Better do it today...
Because it might be illegal tomorrow
See this girl, she's going to do great things.
She may be from a small country town,
but she belongs in Hollywood
We're almost there and nowhere near it. What a matter is; we're going.
--Gilmore Girls<3
You can come over, we can watch
a scary movie and take stupid pictures,
fall asleep together on my couch
because you are my everything
and all that i am, is yours.
&& Suddenly I become part of your past
. Im losing you and its effortless
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