Quotes added on Thursday, January 10 2008

Memories are only as good as the friends you can laugh about them with.
Life is created for death,
but love is stronger then both. ♥
-Tristin & Isolde <333
He has no idea what goes on through her mind - - <33
S H E ` S S 0 G 0 D A T P R E T E N D i N G
I know she loves you & I can't interfere.
So I'll just have to sit back & watch my world disappear
Life's funny sometimes. It can push pretty hard,
like when you fall in love with someone but they
forget to love you back, like when
your best friend & your boyfriend leave you alone, like when
you pull the trigger or light the flame, & you can't
take it back. Like I said, in sports, they call this stepping up.
In life, I call it pushing back .
There are three things in life that should never be broken--
promises, hearts, &friendships.
if you're gonna be twofaced ©
at least make one of them pretty.
just so you know, the only thing i really want..
is to see him again. You know, hear him sing off
key, watch him roll his eyes at me when i steal
French fries off his plate. i guess what i'm trying
to say is i'm crazy for him* --One Tree Hill <3
one life. one chance.
what we do is up to us.
-- [0TH]<33
You never forget your first love
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