Quotes added on Thursday, January 10 2008

All we need is a little f a i t h & t r u s t
and a little pixie dust : take my hand *
we will make it i swearr..»* tinkerbell
Don't walk too close, don't breathe so soft.
Don't talk so sweet, don't sing,
don't lie oh so near.please doesn’t let me
fall in love with you again.
I believe that happiness is being able to wake up
and just know that this is what you wanted,
and not what somebody else wanted
*-->sophia bush
Im Head Over Heels For You
Unlike BArbie..
Me && mii girls; arent sold s e P E r a t l y
Please don't stop
the music
it's too late to
The good and the bad,
and the things in between
live every
like its your
Last One
you're on my heart
just like a tattoo
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