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Runaway Love . . .
Runaway Love
Runaway Love . . .
Stuck up in the world on her own
Forced to think that hell is a place called home
Nothin else to do but some get some clothes and pack
She says shes bout to run away and never come back.
The girl who seemed unbreakable - broke.
the girl who seemed so strong - crumbled.
the girl who always laughed it off - cried.
the girl who would never stop trying -
finally gave up & quit
And behind every [stroke of mascara]
there’s another secret that lies within
me, that i'm dying to tell the world. <//3
You see that girl, yeah her.
She seems so invincible right?
but just touch her & she'll wince.
She has secrets & she trusts no one.
she's the perfect example of betrayal.
cause everyone she trusted, broke her
look hes just the most important thing to me
and if you do ne thing to him i'll hurt you
and no were not dating
and we never plan to
becuz he is only mi BEST FRIEND
which is why he knos more about me then mi boyfriend.... =/
& my heart beats faster im not gonna lie
then i can't breath:: & you're the reason why
i get a little weak and shaky
Boy, my heart's yours for the taking <3

all arial 18 hot pink
heart:red, faster:italicized, can't:underlined
breathe: drk blue, you're: bold, weak:grey
shaky: h and k italicized, my: underlined
yours: light blue and italicized

this is ALL mine so dont take cred. for itttt!

When i get marriend
Shell be the maid of honor
When i have a baby
Shell be the god mother
When i die
her grave will be right next to mine
Shes not just my best friend
She's my other HALf
how to tell a boy you love him

i've known him forever,
well, since first grade.
i've liked him forever,
but loved him not long.
he doesn't know i do,
but he used to.
nobody knows but me,
and it makes me crazy.
why can't i tell him?
just give me a reason.
"if there is none,
then go ahead,
explain your feelings,
he should understand."
good words to live by,
but i need more,
help me, please help me!
how do i tell him?
i then realize there is no way,
tell him if you feel..
that he feels the same way.

you're lieing straight to mii face?
and you think im the discrace!
i dont kno what going on
but it sounds like a tragic song
we've both changed its easy to see
but hv you changed for the btr
why dont you look in a mirror
cuz since you've turned prep
thts all you shuld be doing!
did it hurt?
When you fell from heavem.
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