Quotes added on Friday, January 11 2008

Dont let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.
Love is the closest thing to magic that we have.
were not weird. were just cooler than you
Women should be two things; classy and fabulous.
-Coco Chanel
some people dont see the good in quotes, they think theyre all stupid, when truly its the josiah coming out in them!!!!!!!!!
When you dont feel the same way about someone as they do you, then dont make them think you do. There is nothing worse then making someone think that theres something still there, even the slightest hope, when you know that there isn't. Even though the truth hurts sometimes, you should still tell it. Because people would rather know whats going on than being left in the dark with hope, when there is absolutely none.
even after the big break up, you still have those feelings that will never go away. They will never disappear, you just have to let go of them and not let your feelings bring you down.
you are everything to me, and without you i am nothing.
i stand alone outside of your house.
no lights are on.
i am alone
a glimmer of light shines in your room
..can it be?!
i climb up the old oak tree.
i see you!

i miss you baby boy <3
i wish i was a fl on the wall.cuz then i could see your every move.
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