Quotes added on Saturday, January 12 2008

I thought u loved me more then her?
I thought u wanted me more then u wanted her?
I thought u dreamed about me day and night?
Well i gues u lied!
ur ugly
u like way to many girls
and...now ik y u didnt want to go out wit taylor it is cause u didnt want to admit that UR GAY!!!!!!!
we dont lift wieghts or benchpress
we lift our helmets so we can see the ball
we lift our bats so we can hit the ball with the intention of a home run
we lift our gloves to catch the ball so we can start all over again.
you can do what we do becuz we are SOFTBALL players...
guys like a girl whos willing to get dirty and whos not afraid to break a nail. so if thats the case get off the field cuz this is our territory we are SOFTBALL PLAYERS and we dont do dance...
One of the worst feelings in the world
knows that special someone is still
in your heart. But you're not in theirs </3
"i think everybody should like everybody."
-Andy Warhol-
goodbye my almost lover
goodbye my hopeless dream
im trying not to think about you
cant you just let me be?
so long my luckless romance
my back is turned on you
i should've known you'd bring me heartache
almost lovers always do
...love is like the wind...
[[you cant see it
but you can feel it]]]
If you see me walking with someone else, it's not because
i love him or her. It’s because you’re; not they’re to walk beside me.
If i fall in love with someone else it's not because i wanted to. It’s
because you weren't there to catch me when i wanted you __ </3
i wanna do exactly what you did to me.
lead you on, make you [ fall ] for me, &
then just let you go. --» e ff o r t l e ss ly
& each day she comes home..
to count up all of her regrets.
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