Quotes added on Sunday, January 13 2008

the worst day of your life is when
your best friend finds out something about you
but you were going to tell her but never found the right time
and then she says she never going to talk to you again
and you think if only i told her
but at the time you didnt want to tell anyone
but some how everyone found out?
you dont know what to do
but if you couldnt tell her when it happen
then maybe you dont trust her as much as you thought
now thats the worst feeling ever!
Thats HOTT
-------Paris Hilton--------
i am not making fun of Lindsay Lohan but i was watching the E and when she was little she said

" I dont wanna be like all of those other stars im not gonna take drugs or anything i wanna be a sweet star"
--------Lindsay Lohan---------
Well Lindsay if u are reading this look in the mirror NOT TO BE MEAN OR ANYTHING JUST LOOK AT U NOW P.S I STILL LUVV UU!
im not a stalker.,
i just admire from afar..
behing signs..
you're o l d news.
i found someone b e t t e r.
if you sprinkle when you tinke,
be a sweetie and wipe the seatie..
we danced
into the
im not going to write you a love song
>>cause you asked for it
* Boyfriendless and happy about it,
single to mingle,
free to flirt,
And I'm loving it.*
* Every time she looks around at all the happy couples, her dazzaling smile seems to fade a little more. *
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