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iM a StRoNg GiRl WhO kEePs HeR sTuFf In LiNe. EvEn WhEn I hAvE tEaRs GoInG
dOwN mY fAcE, i AlWaYs MaNaGe To SaY tHoSe TwO wOrDs -Im FiNe-
You look at them and blush then look away, they give you that goofy look on their faces like hey, wow, she likes me! You smile randomly in class, just because you thought of them and your friend asks you whats the deal? You tell your friends to talk to him for you, because you dont want to say something stupid and embarrass yourself in front of them. You giggle and smile when you talk about them to your friends. You smile and get all blushy when they message you saying something flirty or cute on myspace or aim. You wait forever for them to notice that you like them, or love them. You make sure you smell good before walking past them. They see nothing, they understand nothing, they dont get why you hate them, or why they think you hate them. But really, its not hatred that keeps you away. Its the fear of striking out. Losing the game. Being treated wrong, and getting laughed at if he doesnt like you back and thinks youre dumb for thinking he did or does. You spend the rest of your life wondering what the hell you did wrong. Why cant he see you? Because he's blind.
Don't give up on love because there is?always someone who loves you, even if?it's not the person you were hoping for.
i'm not a package. so don't label me.

--not mine but i like it.
You know your in love when you don't want to go to sleep because reality is better than your dreams" --Dr. Suess
Best Friends: not the people you've known the longest, but the people who've never left your side.

--not mine but its so true.
You know you're in love when you see that someone &?your heart flutters, your stomach gets butterflies,?& the rest of the world disappears.
It's completely impossible to find a guy ?who won't ever hurt you,? so go for the guy who will? make the pain worthwhile.
Love is just a serial killer ?and we're all innocent victims.
no body's perfect.
i'm no body.
so that makes me perfect.
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