Quotes added on Thursday, January 17 2008

its not a threat
its a promise
Baby for ((you)) i could be the g.r.e.a.t.e.s.t thing in the ((world))
&& just to let you know
I love it when you call me baby
And when you hold me
I love how you can turn my day around
Just by looking at me
&& I love how much you complete me
-made.dont take
Look into my eyes;; you'll see tears
Look into my thoughts;; you'll see your name
Look into my heart;; and you'll see secrets
Secrets that lie within my thoughts
Secrets that turn my thoughts into tears
Secrets that i must conceal
baby i want yhoo
Nothing more nothing less
I dont want no second guess
dis aint even mii church,
i saw dis on myspace
-first sunday (watch it, its hilarous)
come on in boy, sit on down & tell me bout yourself,

so you lik my daughter do ya now?
yea we think shes something else.

shes her daddys girl, her mamas world.

she deserves respect, thats wat she'll get,

aint it son.

now yall run along and have some fun.

ill c you when you get back, bet ill be up all night, still cleaning this gun

-cleaning this gun
Well its ok
Its so nice
Its just another day in paradise
There's no place id rather be
Two hearts one dream
I wouldnt trade it for anything
And i ask the lord every night mmmmmm
Its just another day in paradise
When ever we say somthing wrong we always whish we could take it back, but if we took back every wrong thing we said then maybe some of the right things we have would turn out wrong.
And then I saw her standing there
with green eyes and long blond hair
she wasn't wearing underwear at least i prayed that
she might be the one maybe we'd have some fun
maybe we'd watch the sun rise
but that night I learned some girls try too hard
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