Quotes added on Saturday, January 19 2008

&& i miss the way you held me
i miss the way you touched me
i miss the way you kissed me
but most importantly i miss
the way you loved me</33

baby i miss you=[[
yuh have to `lose someone
completely b.e.f.o.r.e yu can
figure out what they `really
`----->>|[mean to you]|
there are times when i wanna
be [ free;flirting; & pimping ]
yeah; that's me. but then there
are times w h e n i get lonely.
when i want someone to [ hug
me, kiss me; simply love me. ]
i won't make promises i can't fufill
so when i say i'll be there
[some way] .[some how] . [i will]
Once there was a time when love was just a myth
it just wasn't for real, didn't exist
Til the day you came into my life
You forced me to think twice
not maybe, not tomorrow, not someday,
right now. at this very moment .i realized
something. i need you, i trust you, i admire you
i want you. && you can be wrong a lot of the
time,& we can fight, and get mad at eachother,
butnothing, nothing in this world can changet
Normal girls are made of sugar and spice but me and my girls are made from glammor and ice
and if i could baby ied do it all over again just for you
and maybe i can mean more to you than pretty little words and silly little lies
Im just a princess trapped within my glass castle
Wow boy those pants of cute
But theyed look even cuter on my floor
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