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-i fink ily baby
-i fink ily2
♥<-----my heart;; fragile handle with care.
I like him
but I'm to scared to tell him.
because rejection is my biggest
One day.... One day you'll realize,
that we are sooo MENT TO BE
You'll realize that you've always wanted me
You'll see how im not just ~the girl next door~
You will wish you had asked me to dance
Wish you had taken a chance
/But untill then\|Im happy waiting|[for you]

                      ||||||         *-*-*
                      ||||||       *-----*
                      ||||||     *-----*
                      ||||||   *------*
                      ||||||  *-------*
           *----------*    *-----O----*
          *---------*        *----------*
          *--------*           *----------*
          *-----*                *--------*
            *-*                    *-----*
             *                       *-*   
Guitar Hero
It's not whether you won, or you lost,
It's about how much practice you put into it,
And if you think you did pretty well.
~This isn't really a poem, but I dedicate this to one of my friends. They died a few days ago~

I shed a tear every time I think about you;
I told everyone who was close,
And we all feel the same,
I wish you could just come back,
Spend 1 more day,
And say good-bye.
A lot of people understand,
And a lot of people don't,
But I will never forget the times we've had, Together.
The memories.
I will miss you when I go with a friend somewhere,
Cause I know you were there,
But now I know you're happy,
And watching over every person you care about,
And I, even, want to take back,
All of the bad things I've said.
Take all the bad things away,
And keep all of the moments,
I will miss you forever,
And I will always remember you,
As a friend,
I thank you for caring,
I thank you for being there for me,
But now it seems,
Heaven is hell without you here.
Just smile baby,
cause today's a great day.
We've got so much to say
And we've discovered the way
So let's sit here and pray
for another good day
just as great as today.
You think Love is just a four letter word, but baby it is so much more
Cuz its you and me
And all other people
With nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And its you and me
And all other people
And i dont know why
I cant take my eyes off of you
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