Quotes added on Thursday, January 24 2008

when you love someone, you'll never have to ask yourself twice!!!!
you shoulda said no, you shoulda gone home you shoulda thought twice before you let it all go. you shoulda known what you did with her get back to me. i shoulda been there in the back of your mind i shouldnt be asking myself why, you should be begging for forgiveness at me feet, you shoulda said no and baby you might still have me!!
It's funny how the person who always made me smile
is the same one who now makes me cry
The girl was over him for the most part, but there was still something gradually tearing holes in her delicate heart like a dog might tear at a bone. It was the ragged, gaping crevice he had left behind. It was missing having someone who needed her. It was knowing that every happy moment she might have had to dwell upon when he was gone was, in all actuality, a lie. A stupid, obvious, painful lie.
Out of all of them he had chosen her, but that particular fairy tale had gone down the drain and disappeared forever.
Maybe there is no happy ending
Maybe you and I werenít meant to be
I just want to go back
To the days when you loved me
Maybe itís too late
Maybe youíre gone
Iím so convinced that Iím right
But maybe Iím wrong.
Maybe maybe maybe
The last thing we need is maybe
Please donít say it to me
in that split second of shocked silence, the only sound heard was my fragile heart breaking. nobody noticed.
it wasnt until i was almost home that i began to feel a funny little pain near the location of my hopefully still beating heart. it was as if my heart was literally ready to crack into a thousand little pieces.
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