Quotes added on Thursday, January 24 2008

i dont wana close my eyes
i dont wana fall asleep
cuz id miss you babe
and i dont wana miss a thing
never stand in the way of boys and food

no seriously you could lose and arm or somting
im tired of being sloppy seconds.. im tired of being the one you call when ur lonley...im tired of the 3am phone calls when ur drunk and thinking about me..
& the thing is, its not worth it, none of it is worth the smile you put on my face for a hour, its just not worth the week of crying that follows that smile..
why is it that you only want me when you cant have me..
& when you can have me, you throw me away like im nothing
why do you come into my life when im finally happy again
& make me miss you all over again
the irony in life is that people will screw you over & you will be torn into peices..but then you will turn arounf & do it to someone else without even thinking,,
you come into my life& make feel on top of the world..but then you take it all away in 2 mins & the worst part is i let you do it to me over and over again
just when i thought i was over you..you get an other me and i find myself jelous and missing you like crazy
i thought i was over you , i thought the butterflies were gone for good, but when he smiles,, i wish i was the reason hes smiling ,,when he touchs me i wish it was more & when he said he loved me.. i wish he meant it
&i miss you
i miss you a lot
i miss your laugh
i miss your smile
i miss your eyes
i miss the way
you made me laugh
i miss the way
you made me smile
&&i miss the way
you lit up my eyes
i miss you
i miss you a lot
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