Quotes added on Saturday, January 26 2008

She's finally accepted the changes
& realizing nothing can be the same anymore
but she's keeping her strength up
& she's willing to try her best to never look back.
If you're going to go through
hell, I suggest you come back
learning something."
-Drew Barrymore
There’s a point in life when you
get tired of chasing after them & trying
to fix everything but it's not giving up.
It's realizing that you dont need certain
people & the bullshit they bring
N0 fashion is ever a success
unless it is used as a form of [seduction]
- Christian Di0R
&& Everyday that we're
Together*', is the greatest
Day of my life ©
- the notebook
People say that iVE [changed]
but the truth of it all is;
i accepted reality
hes the hottest thing; since sunburn! ;)
Just promise me one thing.
You wont turn out to be like all the rest
she needs time to be alone. she needs time to think...
time to pull herself together again.
we all just have to accept that people
`are going to stay in our hearts; even
when they don`t stay in our lives.
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