Quotes added on Saturday, January 26 2008

the brave may not live forever
but the cautious do not live at all.
You Look At .Her.
So A m a z e d
I *Remember* Way Back When
You Used To Look At Me That Way;
I hate Valentines Day. It just reminds people
who don't have anyone how [lonely] they
are, and if you do have someone, you dont
need a holiday to show them that you care.
&& All she wants is someone
who will understand&& her for once
i'm the girl that holds it all in
and regrets it all later <|3
&& you think that girls absoutly perfect;
open your eyes no life's a fairytale.
lifes not always gonna go your way, yeah its gonna knock you down, 'n leave some scars 'n memories, good 'n bad,
you may start out on the wrong track, but you can always get back on the right, your footprints will lead, but your angel will
guide you, 'n god will always be by your side, your gonna love, laugh, and cry. That's life 'n when it hits you too hard, you can always lean on me 'n i can count on u.. so when the world trys to eat us alive, together we'll make it thru «
she's as real as they come; ©
I`m so sick of your lies
but i`m so afriad of the truth
Love is a crazy messed up emotion
It will make you smile...make you laugh
get you crying - make you feel like
dying but in the end no matter how it
makes you feel you know it`s worth every
. Single second
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