Quotes added on Tuesday, January 29 2008

This was my brother after he had an accident on the quad bike,

Doctor: Whats your birthday?
Brother: 1st october
Doctor: Whats todays date?
Brother:arggh....i didnt no that before the accident.

haha funny stuff

This is my brother tellin my dad what happened

Dad:SO Who was driving it?
Brother: umm...no body...

Jack Rocks
This was wen i rang up my brother just after he had the accident on the quad bike.

Brother: Hello
me: Hey whats wrong?
Brother:i had an accident
me: what happened
Brother: um i was driving the quad n i fell off and it ran over me
me: are you alright?
Brother: obversely not
me: so i no your crying but im at officeworks, do you want the big books with the spiral
Brother: no
me: do you want 120 or 96?
Brother: 96

lol if i was him i would have just said: FAR OUT IM CRYING HERE AND YOU ASKIN ME ABOUT BOOKS GEEZ.

his a funny kiddo

Jack ROcks
I keep having to change
the song..
Cuz everyone reminds me
of him!
If i end it now
all i will lose is
everything i have
worked so hard to gain...
and i cant let that happen.
So we are gonna stick together
as long as we can!!
when he came into my life.
my heart wasnt broken or
even torn apart!
i was just trying to get even with
the one who stole my heart!
So starting off all fresh and new
you came along and i said no to you?
that was weird but tell december first
i finally said yes thinking it would only be
a week, now two months has past and boy youve already got my heart half way complete!!
So sick
of lieing
so sick
of being sad
so sick
of being tired...
I cant do this any more!! i admit it
im in love with you!!
I never would give a boy my heart
until he's filled with love
for him!!! but everytime it
comes close my heart drains it
all away and a new guy comes
my way...
we havent seen each other for about
a month and some days...
but something keeps me too you
like paper to glue!
still wearing your jacket........
wishing it was you!
Baby, I don't need anything;
because when I have you;
I have everything.
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