Quotes added on Thursday, January 31 2008

struck me with ur heart trick catches me easily.
blissfulness of your's catches my heart everytime you cross the roads..
Its sad when people you know
become people you knew.
When you can walk right past
someone like they were never a
big part of your life.
How you used to be able to talk
for hours and now you can
barely even look at them...

not mine.
so theres a boy,
and theres a girl
they loved each other alot
but neither had the corage to tell the other
then the boy spoke up
and you know the rest <3
=] ilovehim <3
♥;♥;Baby your all that i want when your lying here in my arms
finding it hard to beleive
we're in heave
love is all that i need
and i found it here in your
arms isnt it hard to
see we're in heaven♥;♥;
At this point in time
i want to suck it
kill it, kiss it
or just plain rock it.
she asks if you still like him
you kno inside you do
but you tell her no
just so she can be happy </3
sometimes i wish it never happened
but then i think back
and i know it happened for a reason 8)
don't be afraid to cross the line because in the end if you don't you'll never acomplish anything
its better to try and fail than to wonder what would have happen because you were too afraid to try
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