Quotes added on Friday, February 1 2008

she better hold him tight
give him all her love
look in those beautiful eyes
and know shes lucky cuz
hes the reason for the
teardrops on my guitar♥♥
can you look at me in the eyes.
+&& tell me/ that you happy now.
you`re there for me at my VERY WORST
.. and that is exactly why you are my
[[ V E R Y . B E S T ] ] iloveyou!
it`s your life. live it how you want to
dont care what others say;; it`ll just get
in your way*be happy*laugh loud*love hard<3
[[ do what you want ]]
In other sports.. people JUSt lift weights..
& maybee throw a ball around. but in thiiiis
SPORT, we lift wieghts.. AND GiRLS<3 xox
cheerleading_ <3
comeback #1
.. just say "YOUR FACE" =]
it works everytime
Comeback #2
"oh yeah..well.. EW WHAT iS THAT?!
..oh it`s just your face."
you are the music in me
high school musical
a best friend will be there when you go on your first date.
shell also be there to remind the boy that if he breaks her heart,shell break every bone in her body.
*What happens when your the princess left waiting to be rescued by your knight in shining armor, and he hasn't shown up yet?*
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