Quotes added on Saturday, February 2 2008

& shes gotten to the point that..
she just doesnt care anymore..
she doesnt care what other people think
and what other people say..
bc the way she sees it..
shes taking the high road..
and shes letting everyone go down
with the drama
and all that overrated stereotyping..
[trusting] your feelings & taking chances
losing and [finding] happiness, appreaciating
the memories & learning from the past and
realizing people [always change]
Dear Tummy,
sorry about the buterrflies.
It's his fault.....
I want to be known as the girl who;
always smiles even when her heart is broken;
&+ who can brighten up your day
even if she couldn't brighten up her own.
its like the day that youu left ;;
you toook my heart with youuuuuuuu
its not the fact that i dont love you no more
but i gotta break this bad habit cant take this
bad habit no more </3
its like everytime i try to see you and playy
you look away we barely embrace; you cant even
look me in my face- how come? d12 and eminem
"tragedies happen, what are you going to do? Give up and quit? No, I realize now that when you're heart breaks you gotta fight like hell to make sure your still alive, because you are, and the pain you fell that's life. The confusion the fear thats there to remind you that something is out there and it's worth fighting for." -one tree hill
the real lover is the man who can thrill
you by kissing your forehead or smiling
into your eyes or just staringintospace
-marilyn monroe
im holding on like it's all i know.
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