Quotes added on Sunday, February 3 2008

You know I could have held
you in my arms forever & it
still wouldn't have been
long enough -- 0NE TREE HiLL
i get drunk on
[[j u s t p l a i n l i v i n g .]]
she needs wide open spaces
room to make her B I G mistakes
she needs new faces’
new people and new places
‘cuz if she is here any longer
She might just give up on everything
She has ever worked for.x3
Every day is a fashion show for these people." – Seth
i could spend my life in this sweet surrender
i could stay lost in this moment forever;
when every moment i spent with you was a moment
i t r e a s u r e d <33
nD itz all in my head
i think about it over and over agen <333
Before you go tell me this,
was is worth it,
what she worth this
++Taylor Swift++
When the truth is ugly,
people try to keep it hidden
because they know if revealed,
the damage it will do,
so they conceal it within sturdy walls,
or they place it behind closed doors,
or they obscure it with clever disguises;
but truth, no matter how ugly, always emerges,
and someone we care about
always ends up getting hurt,
and someone else will reveal their pain,
and that's the ugliest truth of all
--» desperate housewives
When lifes out to get you honey
you can always come hide with me
the boredum munsta came for me !
so please be my hero and..
ill love you forever <33
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