Quotes added on Wednesday, February 6 2008

I never knew how bad it hurt to have ur heart riped out...but once u left me...thats all i felt...was the blood dripping from my body...when i had first saw u i knew that u were the boy i wanted to spend my whole life with...but u took that away and i would do anything now to get that feeling back...I Love You John Micheal<3
yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift.

And that is why it is called the present!
get over it by scratchin ur butt and get glad as fast as u got mad
if they hate..
let em hate♥
i love u k-sToCk
Live to learn well. Learn to live well.
But always be strong.
Never stop smiling cause you never know whos falling in love with your smile.
Dont tell me you love me when you know that when i fall you wont catch me. But if you really do love me Catch me when i fall then tell me you love me.
I want a person in my life able to be secure with them self. Honest about what they feel no matter how deep it cuts.I want a person able to betray another to save them self. I want a person willing to stand up for the world even if they are considered different. I want the never ending connection between TWO kindred souls to grow together as ONE .I want to meet some one who is not only mentally stimulating but can be entertaining and therefore be able to make me smile. I appreciate a good laugh about the reality of the world. I enjoy a good conversation through poetic words.. I dig vibes and if they are positive Apply Here..... Cuz I have been waiting for You
PS: A Message to those who I have lost touch with on purpose or those who lost touch because of Life's trials and tribulations. I do wish all of you well But either It wasn't our time or your time had been expired in my life. Purpose has been met and it was time to Let go. For those who Lost touch because of Life Perhaps if the connection was memorable Hit Me Up.
&&lately, i find myself looking at you all the time,
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