Quotes added on Thursday, February 7 2008

the strands in your eyes
that color them wonderful
stop me and steal my breat
and emeralds from mountains
that thrust through the sky
never revealing their depth

i'll be your cryin shoulder
i'll be love suicide
i'll be better when i'm older.
i'll be the greatest fan of
yourr lifeeee ______ <3
wow, i really liked you.
and i still do.
but your just so mean to my friend.
but thats just typical you.
As long as your mine
yew dont just stop lovin him,
yew eatha nevah did.?
or yew still do.
there will always be those people in yewr life who wuud kill to see yew slip an fall at ne moment. those are the people who cant stand that there life isnt ghuud enuff for themselvs so they hav to live thru yewr downfalls. so wen yew come across those people;; make sure yew let them kno that with all those time they tryed to push yew to the bottom - yew were moor at tha top [[then theyed ever be]]
EvErY onE HAS theRE oWN lEVeL oF sTUPIdnESs

mINe Is jUSt a LiTTLe oVER the tOP
yew say yew luv meh wif all yewr heart
an that nuffin in this world will get us apart
that im the wun for yew
an without meh yewr blue
yes i do belive every word yew wuud say
that was onle till that day_*
there yew were
wif yewr arms around her
the day after that
hangin frum tha string in ma closet is were i sat.
hes the reason my heart ((beats))
I love him but does he know
I know he knows but he dosent show
What he dosent know is that i spend hours in the morning getting ready.
im glad we are not going steady
&hearts when we are together the whole world ([spins]) Your the reason that earth stays on the [(axis)]
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