Quotes added on Saturday, February 9 2008

you say we're not her real friends
but if you were her real friends
you would not have let her do that to herself
Without change,
where would we be?
You can wait till I come back,
cause I have been patient and have been waiting forever.
Its hard to even speak to you,
without realizes what we had,
You said you could never love me,
and i said sorry this isnt working out.
I realizd it could have been better.
You werent into it.
You love my bestfriend.
What your missing out on,
is what you can always have.
You cant remember,
what he did, and what you said to make you NOT love him anymore,
3 months later your crying saying, "look what we had, why didnt it work out"
Do you think i like you or something,
becuase i'm pretty sure your just my boyfriend...
If you asked
someone how
they would
define friendship,
the answer will
usually be
who will
always be
there when you
need them, a
person who
never lies, a
person who
will always
put you first
before anyone
else" & so
on. But who
actually fits
that description
You have your
friends &
your true
friends. Friends
come in many
people, but
true friends
only come
once in a
lifetime. A
real friendship
will last, no
matter how
far they are
from you, no
matter how
many new
people they
meet, or how
popular they
may become.
To depend
on a friend
to always be
there for you
is unfair,
because if
that person
isn't there,
what would
you do? Just
cut them out
of your life?
If you were
a good friend
you would
why & know
that no one
is perfect.
A friend will
always tell
you what
sounds good
or what will
make you
happy, but
a true friend
will tell you
the brutal
truth. FACT:
Real friends
never try to
avoid arguments
because it
will not harm
the friendship
at all. They
shouldn't be
scared of
getting into
that argument
in the first
place because
those little
are what
makes the
True friends
know your
good &
bad, & will
still love you
til the end,
but friends
will only
know your
Friends come
& go without
but true
friends will
always be
there, even
when you
think they're
not. True
friends are
like family;
people who
treat your
parents like
they're theirs,
people who
become best
buddies to
your brothers
& sisters.
So when you
say "family
always comes
first", they
are already
your family.
To me,
is like a
board game.
The ones
who care
enough will
enter the
game, play
it, & stay
until you
end it
The ones who
don't will
get bored
& choose
to leave.
So, keep
what is
& with a
breath of
blow the
rest away
I fake a smile so he won't see.
Get down girl go ahead now shake it shake it shake it.
-The Medic Droid.
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