Quotes added on Wednesday, February 13 2008

Your voice was the soundtrack to my summer.
Sometimes people play hard to get to know that the other person's feelings are real.
-----> One Tree Hill
Keep you head up Gorgeous theres people out there that would kill to see you fall.
I want to take a picture of your eyes.
Like this close before i go.
Take it with me, so whenever i'm bummed out,
i can tape it to my forehead
& it will be like you're here.
--Stephen, Laguna Beach
Thrill me. Please me. Tease me.
Surprise me. Give me everything i want & nothing i need.
Give me days i'll always remember & nights i'll never forget.
- Victoria Secret.
A girl should be strong
enough to hold herself up
but weak enough for
her friends to be there
So what if we act like we're
--» ...immature idiots... «--
At least were havin fun
Shes waited her whole life for someone to
come &+ make all the wrong right but you
came &+ stayed a bit, than you left, now
she's stuck waiting here, wishing she could
hold you near. but you're so far away.. &+ she misses you more than words could have ever
Without you in my life I've learned some things...In a few words I can sum up everything I've learned:
life goes on even when your not there no matter how much I wish you were.
& she knows she let go of you for a reason..
but every night she questions her judgement..
wondering if that was the right choice..
letting you go was so hard.
she still thinks about you all the time..
she knows that you weren't good enough for her.
but she can't help wondering if you really have changed.
if maybe this time will be different..
she will never know if she tries.
even if it means getting hurt,
then she will know the real truth about him. </3

i made this up myselff =]
email me if you want more!!
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