Quotes added on Friday, February 15 2008

Success is not about the final outcome its about what you have learned and achieved along the way
Miss USA
why _try_ to be someone else thats diffrent when you have a whole diffrent person right infront of your eyes
Friends are friends,
& in some cases,
that's all they`ll ever be </3
I forgot you're the guy who loves
to rip the rug out from under me
just when I feel like we're given
some sort of stable ground.
- One Tree Hill
i am who i am
your approval
isnt desired or
required =]
friends come and go but best friends stay forever
& if it comes from the heart
the decision is never wrong
they say you cant turn a bad girl good
but once you turn a good girl bad,
she's gone forever :]
the world is a better placea
when you smile
live for the moment
lie when you get caught ;o)
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