Quotes added on Saturday, February 16 2008

in life, people are gunna use you, hurt you, yell at you, love you, backstab you, screw you, hate you, betrey you, talk about you, but THATS LIFE.
tell me how im supposed to breath with no air

i bet theres hearts all over the world tonight
with the love of their life
who feel what i feel when im with you <3
cry me a river, build me a bridge,
figure skating is a sport.
u try waking up every morning at 5 to get to the rink. try getting worked to your breaking point by a coach. or try falling a million times. theres pain, theres ups, and downs. but you know what? thats the same as any other sport. jumping up and down and spinning around 3 and a 1/2 times in the air and spinning a MINIMUM of 5 rotations is A LOT harder than it looks. or how about try a long program twice in a row with no stops in between. or how about 2000 dollar blades?? or numerous comititions that you work your butt off for. OR how anout nationals or the olympics? you still think its not a sport?
figure skaters::
we do wayyy more then leaps and twirls.
There have been lots of ups && downs, but ultimately, at the end of the day, that's what makes you who you are. We all know how to laugh, we all know how to cry && we all know how to love back. We all know heartbreak, but the world keeps moving, && we keep moving along with it. && everything we experience makes us realize how [beautiful] life really is.
so what's it gonna take -
for a guy like you, to love
a girl like me _______<3
There's a point in every friendship-
where girls stop being friends ..
and become sisters <3laguna beach
i think all of us want to feel something
that we've forgotten or turned our backs
on because maybe we didnt realize how
much we were leaving behind. we need
to remember what use to be good. if we
dont, we wont recognize it. even if it
hits us in between the eyes
* 13 Going On 30 *
we're young & dumb
but at least we have fun
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