Quotes added on Sunday, February 17 2008

Pull The Alarm;
This Boy Is HOT!!
heres my signature...
your gonna need this
for when i'm famous (;
boys are players & that`s a fact
don`t get mad just play them back
the only one that you want to talk to;
is the only one you can`t
- danny, the real world
im turning around & walking away you can
watch me go or you can make me s t a y <3
mistakes happen, that`s life,
repeat the same mistakes ;
that`s stupidity
what does'nt kill you will ♥
probally    try again
while we're young and beautiful - living free
and easy. here without a worry dancing in
our bare feet because when the summer's done
we might not be so young and beautiful <3
Never think, "what if." Everything happens for a reason
and when things don't work out, shake it off.
Realize it wasn't worth it like you thought it was
because you were worth it, but he didn't realize it
Who wants to be (0RDiNARY) in a
c R A z Y *MiXED - UP world?
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