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It’s just something that happens as
you grow up. You realize its less
important to have more friends and
its more important to have r.e.a.l ones
* - - » Laguna Beach
You can take it or leave it
this is me, this is who i am
If every word I said
could make you love me
I'd talk forever.
A real best friend never gets
sick of you, they always want
to hang out with each other, they
have all the insiders in the world,
no matter what happens or who
comes along. Noting gets in
the way of their friendship.
Hey its time to party...
Me and my friends go crazy when it is time to party.Its super fun and its worth the waiting.Cause thats how we roll. These girls are my partner in crim.These girls are the ones i cant live with out.
and if he aint gon treat you right then I aint gon treat u worng
that's my word she heard so many lies she don't know what's true or not
shawty like a valley service
I swear she's been through a lot
but I put her car on park nd never let her cry alone
I listen to her heart beat cuz it plays my favorite song
love is not a maybe thing,
you know when you love someone
You may think we are
-Outta control-
But we're best friends
That's just how we roll

-make it cute
'Cause you know what? Tragedies happen
What're you gonna do, give up? Quit? No
I realize now that when your heart breaks,
you gotta fight like hell to make sure youre
still alive cause you are, and that pain you ;
feel - it's life. The confusion and fear..thats
there to remind you that somewhere out.
there theres s o m e t h i n g b e t t e r <3
; & that something is worth fighting for.
- one tree hill;
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