Quotes added on Wednesday, February 20 2008

I will learn to love again ; I will learn to trust
once this heart can start to mend
I will learn to learn to love again<33333
life is too short
to live the same day♥
She says she's done with him.
But can't wait to see his smile.
And when he walks into the room,
Her heart goes wild.
the way i see it,
you should live every day
like it's your birthday.
-- Paris Hilton
lets play truth or dare
truth- tell me how you really feel
dare- prove it a a a
All she really wants is someone who
will catch her when she falls `'`
someone to realize her worth and hold
her hand for no reason but the fact that
they like the way it fits with theirs
[<3] * Someone who will sit with her
under the stars `'` kiss her in the pouring
rain & look into her eyes & say youre
the one ive been waiting for. [<3].
The hardest thing in life is letting go
of what you thought was real <|3
boy im gunna take-->♥
your heart and /never/
let it go<3
Nobody’s perfect, some people are just
perfect for each other♥
theres nothing a girl wants more
than something she can't have
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