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When you find that you cant live a day without someone, dont!!!!!!!!!!
Dont call dont come by, aint no use dont ask me why!u neva change, always leaving me crying in the rain. im so over wanting you to be wanting me no that aint no way to be, how i feel read my lips because im so over it. moving on its my time you never were a friend of mine, hurt at first a lil bit but now im so over so over it.
--over it by katherine mcphee
all i'm expectin in life is for the next day
to be better than the lass, and to see the sun
every morning when i wake up.
~If mountains fall
*I'll still be here
holding you until
*the day I die.~

-Carrie Underwood
----> he's the reason for TEARS at
-------> 3 in the morning he's looks me
----------> dead in the eyes and doesnt realize
----> he's the reason im D Y I N G I N S I D E
everytime i look into your eyes
i wish times stops becaue right
now i see my relfection in them
and once you turn around shes gonna
see herself in the and that going to be forever
the days drag on,
the nights last forever.
everyday its tougher
just to keep it together <|3
im not hurt when they say i cant do it,
because in the end its just more fun to prove them wrong.
although you are no longer here with me I know you will be looking down and cheering for me. just like at my games where you used to try and start the wave. But when i am sad that you have left me please send me a sign that you're okay.
so if im so
then how come you havent asked me out yet
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