Quotes added on Saturday, February 23 2008

people say ive changed so much.
well heres the honest truth ,
i grew up and stopped letting people
push me around.
i've learned that you cant always be happy.
Y moving on is simple it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult
every man has a chance to sweep any
woman off her feet, he just needs the
right broom. -Hitch.
I told myself I wouldn't fall for you again;
but I did.
I told myself I wouldn't go out with you again;
but I did.
You told me that you wouldn't cheat on me again;
but you did.
You told me that you would take it slow;
and you didn't.
I guess I just should't have trusted you.
But it hurts me to break up with you.
Your [ hand ] is all I have ;
to keep me [ hanging ] on.
I fought you for [ so long ]
I should've stopped
&Let you in.
I'm stuck between my [ fantasy ]
&what is [ real ]
&Baby ; I know this much is [ true ]
You've become my addiction. ♥
LOVE is WAR ;[ be my soldier. ]
I'm [ stuck ] inside this world ;
I fell into by mistake.
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