Quotes added on Sunday, February 24 2008

nothing was perfect
nothing was true
nothing was special
until i met you<3
i love you (boyfriends name)
Imperfection is beauty;
Madness is genius;
& its better to be abousolutly ridiculous ;
than abousolutly boring
++ Marilyn Manroe
& all i want is someone to
look past my eyes
to see all the lies,
just look at the real me i kept inside
i want them to realize i am not okay,
i struggle with this all day
&&; she cries out for help
tears, scarring her cheeks
but all shes gets in return is
a used tissue
honey, your so sweet you just put HERSHEY's out of buisness<3
...even now i wonder what would of happened if I ever told you that i loved you...
i am now able to 'rest in peace' because i will have no regrets.
i told you i loved you.
The boys are planning on going to the dance for like
half an hour then going straight to the after party and
"gettin some" and we're planning on... showing off our dresses."
- LC, Laguna Beach.
"I'm sick, weak, and tired of always having to
be the bigger person, and always giving
you another chance."
-- The Real World
I try to keep my cool around him
but i'm just dying to tell him that
he's all i ever think about & i love
him more than words can describe
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