Quotes added on Tuesday, February 26 2008

I didn't think that this would hurt this much,
but I guess I saw it coming.

...a girl can dream, can't she...
I live in my own world, so I won’t have to live in yours
To see your face makes me want to hide further away
My eyes search your face for any sign
The look on your face when you see her makes me want to cry
Though when you smile my worlds okay
As long as I can see your smile I’ll be fine
Even when I can see your smile mine is never to be seen
I wish you loved me and then I would not have to
Live in my own world
If you'll be my Joe DeMarzio
I'll be your Marilyn Monroe.
If you'll be my Spiderman
I'll be your Mary J.
If you'll be my Clark Kent
I'll be your Lois Lane
If you'll be my baby
I'll be your boo
If you'll be my mister
I'll be your misses.
If you'll be mine
I'll be all yours!!!
*So you turn your back on me, and never look behind. But if you gave a glace back, you'd be seeing me fall apart.*
* If I told you that I love you, would you say I love you too? *
There`s this girl.
&& All she does
is think about you constantly...
Just because i dont wear black
doesn`t mean i dont hurt inside.
I`ve been chewed up & spit out
more times then i can remember.
Just because i don`t cut my wrists
doesn`t mean i dont want people to know
how much h&ll i go through everyday
& how my freakin fairytale
is no storybook life at all.. </3
life takes turns when you dont want it to take turns
&& thats just part of life. it`s just something that we
have to accept, knowing that tomorrow is not
always promised. - Nehemia, The Real World <3
ME & YOU..
it`s just something i want for the
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