Quotes added on Wednesday, February 27 2008

i love you
&& i miss you
wut else is there to say
-- x3
im still in love
with who i thought
you were </3
<3 follow your own <3
it wil lead to great things
RoSeS aRe ReD,
ViOlEtS aRe BlUe
BoY I FeLl ThEn U
CaUgHt Me... NoW
U'vE DrOpEd Me...
the preppy lovers
their smiles stay there.the pink reappears.but then,the pink slowly starts to turn into the black darkness everywhere on her.he notices this and so he spoke up.she stares at him and says "my mother died."the next morning he woke up and found a note.then he found her cold body.its cold because she was dead.
We have been talkin for almost 2 months now and i really like you...and i know you like me but you live in Virginia and i live in Pennsylvania.....will it ever work between us??? && if so i am ready to date you!!! So just ask already!
hey xocutiepie let me tell you that your quote on the walkin an extra staircase to see his face and wow is that me or what...lol....so im me on aim plz!!!
You are 3 grades higher than me and your in my Wednsday gym class and i love it when i see your abs....mmmmhmmmmmmm....today i didnt mean to see yuou change but u r gorgeous...and u r perfect Jayson Zych!!
sh3 wiill chas3 yOuh arOundd fOr awhil3
but there`s qunah beh a day wehn
sh3Sz qO3n tO st0p runn3n in circl3Sz
arOund yOuh ; sh3Sz qunah g3t Over yOu
& at dha v3ry mOment yOur3 qO3ninq tO
wish y0u had let her catch yOu `
sOm3tim3es da One you want
iss dha one yOu b3tt3r widOut
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