Quotes added on Thursday, February 28 2008

strong enough to walk away
weak enuff to look back
theres this boy i want to be with but he has no clue so be careful if your reading this you never know it could be you
he told him she would NEVER
forgive him
even though she said it,
she really didn't mean it,
it just help her let you go.
Since im not your everything how about i be nothing, nothing at all to you..baby i wont shed a tear cuz the truth of the matter is replacing you is so easy <3
&+ my feeLings for youu aree
  completLy unexpLainable.
the worLd freezed when i saw him
kissing her </3
peopLe   like   you
are the [ r e a s o  n ] we have
middLe fingers <l3
_thatt hurt. & you didnt even notice.
_since when did we decide to change & forget the oLd.?
lets be like troy&&gaberilla, having picnics on a golf course && getting stuck in sprinklers. &&no matter how many times we fight, it always ends w.a kiss && a catchy song. <3
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