Quotes added on Wednesday, March 5 2008

Main Entry: fab·u·lous
Pronunciation: \ˈfa-byə-ləs\
Function: adjective
Defenition: you
It's no big deal.
Break her heart.
Let her down.
Make her cry.
You love her, right?
Everything is fine.
Hold her hand.
Lead her on..
it's no big deal..
She's just a girl
i wanted you before, i
wanted you now and &
forever i will want you
baby you could have me in a
heartbeat and you know it.
i just love us!! no one can beat the times we've had. we are def the most funniest people ever.
don't give up on the person you care,
on the person you love with a passion.
don't give up on the person you can't stop thinking about.
on the person who makes you happy,
don't give up on the person who makes you feel so secure.
on the person who is beyond cute.
don't give up on him.
fight for him.
with some crazy person.
&+ i feel like the whole
world is against me [xo]
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