Quotes added on Thursday, March 6 2008

karrots are for rabbits
dicks are for chicks.
this hole "being friends thing" is the hardest thing i have ever had to do
i wana be your friend
i really do but its hard
and complicated and confusing
i hate how i have to look at you
and know that there is nothin there
how when i hug you
thats all im gonna get
and how when your happy
im still so sad
And it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.
everyone strives for perfection. we all want perfection. we won't ever settle for less. but human beings aren't perfect. does that mean that we won't ever settle with outrselves? that we'll never be happy with who we are? that we'll never be good enough no matter what we do or how hard we try? maybe just maybe we can learn to finally be okay with ourselves. maybe we can figure out that perfection isn't a fair goal to set. it's an impossible one at that. maybe one day, everyone will be happy in their own shoes.
you didn't just break my heart

you took the pieces with you...
You were everything i wanted
You were everything a boy could be
Then you left me broken hearted
Now you dont mean a thing to me!
&& Just watch me get over you in a flash
Because boy you were a mistake
and im glade is see that now
i really really like you.....and u say u dont like me but when i say im mad at u u try so hard to make me laugh and all i gotta say is THANKS...
thanks because u make me feel special when u put ur friends to the side and make sure that im always happy.....well to bad ur dating HER....
and i understand that u just wanna be friends so i have been trying to convince myself that im over u when me and u both know that im not!!!!

Dedicated to a friend who is always there for me!!!!!!!!!!
i <3 u
You say you didn't mean to break my heart,
but boy, you succeeded anyway .

the beginning is the jonas brothers lyrics to "Goodnight and Goodbye" but i added. hope you likeee :]
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