Quotes added on Friday, March 7 2008

i cant describe this love i have for yu
the only thing i knw is that this love is tru
and wen all the days and nites are fru
ill still be loving yu
a broken heart will bleed and we cry
go away i dont like you
its over because
you live with your mom
at 8 years old
its over
ok how come when brittany spears thinks someone is stalking her evryone gathers round to protect and it puts on the front pages of ALL magazines? but when i tell the police that Santa Clause is stalking me they laugh and send me home? that's just not right!!
love see's not with the eyes
but with the mind
I wanna, I wanna, I gotta be adored
-The stone roses
"If she was,like,six inches taller, he could rest his chin in her cleavage"
- Blair Waldorf
Omg im having major deja vu
"I dont believe in destiny anymore"
-Blair Wardoff
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