Quotes added on Tuesday, March 11 2008

You made me feel

so complete

a smile, a kiss, a feel of your loving

made me addicted to you<3

ii Just wish uu could see

How much uu mean 2 me<3

it didn't last very long 
but you still
made me 
feel like the most 
beautiful girl in the world

The noise of the city never stops; 
and while you're getting
ready for bed, 
the world is still going to move on without you. 
early proof
that when we die
nobody will really miss us. 
If they can
survive without us while we sleep, 
then they can survive when we all die.

Im just another silly teenage girl who 
keeps her hopes too high and her jeans 
too low. Who lives by quotes and canā€™t 
ever seem to say the right thing at the right 
time. Just another average girl looking 
for herself in a big bad world

There comes a point in your life 
when you realize that nothing will ever 
be the same & you realize that from now 
on time will be divided into two parts ;; 
before this & after this

I wanna do exactly what  
you did to me: lead you 
on, make you fall for me,  
and just let you go

Expect nothing and 
you'll never be disappointed.

& she laughs at all the rumors 
she hears about herself cause 
she loves to hear those desperate 
to bring her down

I'm the kind of girl that laughs at her mistakes
so my bad me if I laugh in your face.

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