Quotes added on Friday, March 14 2008

You were everything,everything that i wanted.

We were meant to be,supposed to be but we losstt itt.

Friends are there for you when a boy breaks up with you but best friends go up to him and say "scuse me you broke my best friends heart so now imm gunna break your face."
 I lovee my best friends<3

Hi my name is (name goes here) and you know what i got. what do you got? i gott best friends that are totally hot. How how is hot? Like bat man and super man. no one, no one can do it like (best friends name) can.

Yeah thats righttt shess my bestt friendd<3

Your just jealous because me and my friends can wear clothes from the salvation army and people still lovee uss<3

okay my best friends are always there for me. They would doo anything for me,well obv because there my best friends But seriously these girls are there for me when a guy breaks my heart, and im there for them when my friends break the guys face :]

I lovee you guyss a tonn and nothing will come between us ever

(friends initials go here)

Biffless: (initials) Those girls right there would do anything for me even tie my shoe if i didnt knoww howw :]
She hates the sounds that goodbyes make. &+ she prays one day she'll find someone too need her<3

Okay sometimes we feel down because a guy we like doesnt like us back. But just think theres hotter guys in the world. so why do we need him?

And i love how your legs shake violently in p.e class

i love fred's youtube videosss<3

Kiss me beneath the milky twilight<3
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