Quotes added on Saturday, March 15 2008

sometimes you dont realize how lucky you are untill it is gone
Girls Just Must Have Sun -HCO


Take out the pictures
Blow off the dust.
Take off the frame
it's starting to rust
Remember the times we had together
What ever happened to best friends forever?

So what if every word I say is dripping with SARCASM...

You might be mad, cuz I've been acting bitchy.

My words are full of sarcasm

and I tell it how it is.

But you better be happy about how I come across,

cuz instead, I could be reiterating my whole sob story.

& you would never know all the pain my heart feels,

because I'm a better actress then anyone could believe.

& I sit and listen to all your sob stories, because I've always cared.

Yet noone cares enough to ask why my smiles are turning f a k e.

& I'm so surprised that noone has noticed, how my smiles are plastered on,

how my laugh is turning fake

how my eyes are always sad.

I feel as if everyone can see right through, this strong face I put on.

But noone has, and it might stay like that, until the day   I


Laterr alligators.


wont be backk till way laterr.

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