Quotes added on Thursday, March 20 2008


 {{ l i v e  f a s t  d i e  p r e t t y }}


live Blonde

[[Or Die Trying]]




                   {Summer 08*}

               gonna get crazzy! :)








S U M M E R 

       2 0 0 8 <3



  little <3 

g o o d b y e s.


 you can be my

  [[b a d b o y]] <3











  harder than

y o u  P A R T Y


Friends, are the ppl you can talk to all night, prank call with, gossip too!
Then, you fall asleep and they whipp cream you..

Your like him but m e a n w h i l e he is off with another girl... 

      Eat that one for B r e a k f a s t
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