Quotes added on Monday, March 24 2008

~~They Say Love Is Blind
But I Was Blind To Love You~~

</3 </3 </3
My face covered in tears
My wrists in blood
But before you ask
This has NOTHING to do
With our dying love
You're just to good to be true
Can't keep my eyes off you
The sight of you makes me weak
There are no words left to speak
But if you feel like i feel
Please let me know that it's real
You're just to good to be true
Can't take my eyes off you... <3
every kiss with every boy takes a part of ur heart away u can never get back.
Every once in a while . . .e>i see you look at me like you used too
Life may not be the party you've hoped for;;
but while you're here you might as well dance =]

 --- You Mean Everything To
he broke my heart i broke his jaw...
life is full of little games, but u have to get through all of them to even start the real one.
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