Quotes added on Tuesday, March 25 2008

be.jealous   x3
you'll never be thiss cool
{[((initials here))]}
I've given him to many chances.
He hurt me again.
I just hope he knows.
He's out of chances; I'm out of heart to be broken; and I'm done making the same mistake over and over.
so what
were crazy
people are still
inlove with us

               ((intials here<3))           

i wanna be that girl that you point to and say
"that's her!" :)

  i love my pooh people
&& i know i got to stay strong
friend will give you the last chocolate cookie, but a best friend will say, "haha sucker! maybe next time!"
not here, but feel free to leave some<33
Of Course
 We are weird,
We laugh a ton
 We stick together
But thats just the way we
 [r o l l]


hold onn tight
its a Roller Coaster ride we're onn.
say "goodbye" cuz i won't be back again.
up &+ down, you're all around
say "goodnight andd goodbye" -
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