Quotes added on Wednesday, March 26 2008

Summer, after all, is a time where 
wonderful things happen to
people. For those few months ... 
you're not required to be who 
everyone thinks you are.

is it still me that makes you [sweat]...

Show off that body you got. You got that dance floor so hot.

Live your life...
so the preacher 
doesnā€™t have to lie at your funeral

never regret anything. 
Because every little detail
of your life  
is what made you into who you are in the end

- Drew Barrymore

sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past,  
stop planning the future, 
stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel,  
stop deciding with our mind what we want our 
heart to feel, and sometimes we just have to go with  
"whatever happens...happens."

When someone tells you you're not good enough
that's when you know you're

If i tell you I'm strong,
will you play along,
Or would you see
I'm as
insecure as everybody else

I'm not in kindergarden anymore...
what you say about me and how you call me names dosen't phase me anymore.

the tooth fairy teaches
children that they can sell
their body parts for
i blame her for prostitution.
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